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Download My Cheatsheet Folder

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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another free resource for your AI skills.

Today, I've compiled all my cheatsheets into one folder!

All you need to master ChatGPT and plugins.

***Press "0" to get for free***

Here's what you'll receive:

☑ ChatGPT Cheatsheet v3 (21,000+ downloads)

☑ Top 48 Generative AI Tools (17,000+ downloads)

☑ ChatGPT Sales and Marketers (15,000+ downloads)

☑ ChatGPT Ultimate Personal Prompter (12,000+ downloads)


What is the ChatGPT Cheatsheet Folder?

  • The ChatGPT Cheatsheet Folder is the most recently updated folder with all my guides for using ChatGPT. It comes equipped with multiple full printable pdf, as well as prompts and explanations of the plugins in the ChatGPT Plugin Store.

What do I get?

  • Top 48 Generative AI Tools (my top AI tools to use)
  • ChatGPT Cheatsheet v3 (tips, tricks, prompts, and more)
  • ChatGPT Sales and Marketers (checklist and suggestions for Sales/Marketers)
  • ChatGPT Ultimate Personal Prompter (your personal guide on creating prompts)

Can I get a refund?

  • As of now, the guide is completely free to download.
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Download My Cheatsheet Folder

500 ratings
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